Hello! This is an 18+ page, so please, be respectful if you're underage and avoid this page and all of my nsfw social media.

My name is Mako, I'm 21 and I create mostly erotic art, and sometimes fanfictions! Here soon, I even have a comic planned to go into production for anyone to read - given that they're 18+ of course. My interests at the moment include monsters, cyberpunk, mythology, erotic fiction and a few simple fandoms here and there.

As a warning, I implore that you leave this site or even avoid/block me on social media if you're uncomfortable with the following themes:

  • Noncon/Dubcon

  • Feral

  • Incest

  • Gore

  • Violence

  • Abusive Relationships

  • Age Gaps/Size Differences


I do indeed make art to cope with trauma, and other things, but even if people are making these things and aren't exactly using art to cope and are just making what they like, that's also okay! Fiction is a place to explore as you like, and it should be a safe place for anyone to create.

Please, enjoy yourself here!


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