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Mental Health Talk

I worry over talking about this but I feel it's somewhat necessary since it affects everything people would see. I might sound silly but - here we go! I'm a system! 🎉 I have 6 alters as of right now. I wanted to say something for some time, but I know that even for some people, it can leave a bad taste in their mouths.

I haven't ever been diagnosed with anything due to being unable to access mental health resources, and I'm still struggling with that. We all feel a lot of guilt regarding this matter, and worry about our validity. We each deal with different parts of our trauma and process it by living as multiples, and we've known about this for ~2 years.

But, regardless of a diagnosis and how anyone might think I'm invalid, this does a lot to affect most aspects of my life. Each of us has difficulty agreeing on so many things regarding how/when/why we talk, how to present online and irl, and more. Even as I write this post, there is a lot of disagreement and additions to what I say.

It makes it hard for us to make friends and to make art. We all become interested in our own projects or we want to make our own. But with how much we switch fronts and try to get a hold of ourselves, a lot of the time, things don't get finished or they become forgotten. It's pretty noisy in here sometimes!

When talking, we often mock the personality of one alter we feel is the easiest to talk to, so people find us more likeable. Which feels like lying, and can be uncomfortable. We wanna be ourselves more, we wanna be individual and expressive to our friends and in our art.

I just wanted to be open about why things might ever seem off in one way or another, and about why/how this would affect our art. We may talk more about this in the future if asked about it, or if we deem it necessary. But that's about all for now! Thanks for reading!


Tl;dr - I am a system that goes on undiagnosed (unfortunately). This can affect my art and other things, but there's nothing to worry about! We just want to be more expressive and show ourselves! 💖


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